Jaguarland is back! :)

Wow, has this post been a long time coming?!  Jaguarland is officially back on the grid.  There’s going to be some tweaking over the next few weeks.  Yours truly is still trying to find pieces in my inventory and get them placed and there’s quite a bit of information updating that needs to be done on the clickables, but we’re back!  

We’ve already been training some of the ILC consultants to do talking head machinimas for introductions and directions in online courses and I’m excited to get rolling with even more.

Stay tuned to a new intro to Jaguarland machinima (once more things are in place)!  

And we start our first tour from the new Jaguarland next Wednesday (June 5th) at 5 pm central (3 pm slt)!  This first tour’s theme is 3D/Interactive Art Exhibits here in SL.  We’ll meet at the main Jaguarland hub and set off from there (!

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  1. Hi Stasia! Thanks for giving the tour to the art exhibit. I really enjoyed it. Several of my classmates plan to meet in Jaguarland next Wednesday, too. Our professor shared your agenda for the coming weeks:
    Business Schools
    Literary Discussion Areas/Groups
    Non-Profits in SL
    Eco-Education and Outreach
    Health Education and Outreach
    International Locales/Language Learning

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