Monthly Archives: April 2013

Jaguarland Returns!

While the technical issues still have a bit of ironing out, I’m very happy to report that the University of South Alabama College of Education’s sim in Second Life, Jaguarland, will be making a return soon.  A combination of events came together (too many to get into here) and the decision was made to bring it back.  We’ll have, for the most part, the same set-up as before (maybe a bit enhanced since yours truly has–I hope–learned a few things over the past few years in SL).

Personally, I’m looking forward to having the sim-sized machinima set back in the skies over the sim, as well as the space to host larger groups of educators (my areas in Caledon are homesteads, limiting events and meetings to 20 avatars).

The news just happened to coincide with my going to the SITE conference in New Orleans where I met quite a few people who were new to virtual worlds and gaming but really wanted to learn more through the tours, so there’s a whole list of contacts for when the Jaguarland tours get revved up again–it’ll be great to have a big group!  (Now if I can just avoid losing people along the way…)

This slideshow features shots from Jaguarland over the years, as well as its final hours when we had a “bewm party”, complete with asteroids, volcanoes, and tornadoes.