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HabitRPG–Helping to keep me on track (and it could help students too!)

Virtually Educated

I kid around a lot about being somewhat dangerous when left with too much time to wander around the interwebs while waiting on things to digitize/download/upload/rez/etc at work. Every now and again, though, I manage to find something that I find useful and entertaining. When I immediately see the promise of something and it’s fun, we get into the realm known as the “squee factor”–and yes, I let out a squee when I learned about HabitRPG from this article on Kinja.

HabitRPG is a free online program that gamifies your to-do list. There is a subscription version (for 5 dollars per month) for more goodies, but so far, I’ve found that for most students, the free version would probably be fine. How does it gamify your to-do list and habits?  Once you sign up for HabitRPG, you can outfit your character or avatar. Below is an image of mine…

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Sometimes You Accidentally Stumble on Success :-D

We’re in full swing of the summer virtual tour season at Jaguarland.  I try to take pictures of the things I’m up to in the virtual world and gaming and upload them to Flickr (almost) daily.  Little did I know it would pay off!

The first tour of the summer was for Interactive 3D/Virtual Art and we hit the UTSA Artspace sim, along with a couple of the featured areas with teleports at the rez point.  I love the feel of the Artspace sim.  It’s gritty but in a cool way–post-apocalyptic steampunk (if there is such a term)–lots o’ rust and parts being used in odd ways.

We finished up by visiting Rebeca Bashly’s Inferno, which is straight out of Dante’s nightmarish landscape.  I led the tour while Wrath Constantine (one of the builders of Jaguarland and the mastermind behind the Iron Cloud build–not that I’m partial) snapped photos of the various levels of hell as we traveled through with the few tourists who had the courage to continue onward.  At the end of our journey, we came face-to-face with the Evil One himself but there was no climbing him to escape (as in Dante)–we had to teleport to safety. 🙂

It was a fun excursion and made even more amazing when I discovered that the photos from the tour had earned me the Artisan badge for GameMOOC3.  Wrath isn’t part of the GameMOOC but I have to share the honor and badge with him–it was his graphics that carried the day!  (I just led us through hell and back!)

Check out my Flickr photostream for the tour photos, starting here.