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Science site tour, Friday, Feb 21 @ 5 pm central (3 pm slt)

This week, we’ll be visiting some sites in SL dedicated to science. First, we’ll visit the inworld session area for NPR’s Science Friday which airs weekly on Fridays. Then we’ll head to Genome Island to tour their training areas for students and finally, we’ll experience Virtual Hallucinations.

We’ll meet up at Jaguarland ( at 3pm slt (5 pm central) and head out from there!

Note: Tours venture into Mature as well as PG sims. If you are not able to access Mature rated sims (if you are below 18 years of age), you will not be able to fully participate in these tours.

First, we’ll drop in on the Science Friday program area which streams the show weekly and sometimes takes questions from the SL audience.


Next, we’ll head to Genome Island.


Genome Island is run by Texas Wesleyan University and supports genetics classes for university students studying biology.
From the rez point, we’ll walk up the hill. Look for the hovering block with the question mark on it. Click for a tour chair. Sit and click again for a guided tour of the island.

Once the chair derezzes, look for another box with a question mark. This will give you the guided tower tour chair. This chair will derez at the Gene Pool.

Look for another box with a question mark for the next tour leg. We’ll end with the abbey section tour.

Need more information? There’s a notecard full of information back  at the rez point. :)

Finally, we’ll visit the Virtual Hallucinations Lab, sponsored by University of California, Davis.


The Virtual Hallucinations Lab was designed to allow visitors to experience some of what those with schizophrenia live with–visual and audio hallucinations. Info cards can be picked up at the entrance.

We also need to pick up and wear a badge which will produce the audio hallucinations. As we enter, each visitor needs to select their gender for the correct audio.  Look for the blue pyramid shapes for info about the experience.


Sometimes You Accidentally Stumble on Success :-D

We’re in full swing of the summer virtual tour season at Jaguarland.  I try to take pictures of the things I’m up to in the virtual world and gaming and upload them to Flickr (almost) daily.  Little did I know it would pay off!

The first tour of the summer was for Interactive 3D/Virtual Art and we hit the UTSA Artspace sim, along with a couple of the featured areas with teleports at the rez point.  I love the feel of the Artspace sim.  It’s gritty but in a cool way–post-apocalyptic steampunk (if there is such a term)–lots o’ rust and parts being used in odd ways.

We finished up by visiting Rebeca Bashly’s Inferno, which is straight out of Dante’s nightmarish landscape.  I led the tour while Wrath Constantine (one of the builders of Jaguarland and the mastermind behind the Iron Cloud build–not that I’m partial) snapped photos of the various levels of hell as we traveled through with the few tourists who had the courage to continue onward.  At the end of our journey, we came face-to-face with the Evil One himself but there was no climbing him to escape (as in Dante)–we had to teleport to safety. 🙂

It was a fun excursion and made even more amazing when I discovered that the photos from the tour had earned me the Artisan badge for GameMOOC3.  Wrath isn’t part of the GameMOOC but I have to share the honor and badge with him–it was his graphics that carried the day!  (I just led us through hell and back!)

Check out my Flickr photostream for the tour photos, starting here.

Jaguarland is back! :)

Wow, has this post been a long time coming?!  Jaguarland is officially back on the grid.  There’s going to be some tweaking over the next few weeks.  Yours truly is still trying to find pieces in my inventory and get them placed and there’s quite a bit of information updating that needs to be done on the clickables, but we’re back!  

We’ve already been training some of the ILC consultants to do talking head machinimas for introductions and directions in online courses and I’m excited to get rolling with even more.

Stay tuned to a new intro to Jaguarland machinima (once more things are in place)!  

And we start our first tour from the new Jaguarland next Wednesday (June 5th) at 5 pm central (3 pm slt)!  This first tour’s theme is 3D/Interactive Art Exhibits here in SL.  We’ll meet at the main Jaguarland hub and set off from there (!

Jaguarland Returns!

While the technical issues still have a bit of ironing out, I’m very happy to report that the University of South Alabama College of Education’s sim in Second Life, Jaguarland, will be making a return soon.  A combination of events came together (too many to get into here) and the decision was made to bring it back.  We’ll have, for the most part, the same set-up as before (maybe a bit enhanced since yours truly has–I hope–learned a few things over the past few years in SL).

Personally, I’m looking forward to having the sim-sized machinima set back in the skies over the sim, as well as the space to host larger groups of educators (my areas in Caledon are homesteads, limiting events and meetings to 20 avatars).

The news just happened to coincide with my going to the SITE conference in New Orleans where I met quite a few people who were new to virtual worlds and gaming but really wanted to learn more through the tours, so there’s a whole list of contacts for when the Jaguarland tours get revved up again–it’ll be great to have a big group!  (Now if I can just avoid losing people along the way…)

This slideshow features shots from Jaguarland over the years, as well as its final hours when we had a “bewm party”, complete with asteroids, volcanoes, and tornadoes.